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Preview Trailer
James Venturi - Director
Ana Crenovich - Editor
Eddie Marritz - Cinematographer
Mark Roy - Sound Recordist

Main Footage
Interview with Bob and Denise at their home April 22, 2005

Additional Footage
Thank you to: Michael Blackwood, footage from the 1989 film Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown, Lynn Levine + Drexel University T.V. InterView, Nicholas Gianopolis for his interview of Bob and Denise at the Carpenter's Company.

Images/Video Research
Andrea Abramoff - Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates
John Izenour - Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates
Ron Evitts - Ron Evitts Architect
Bill Whitaker - University of Pennsylvania Architectural Archives

Project + Architectural Advice/Interviews
Françoise Blanc, Harry Bolick, Charles Boney, Laurie Hawkinson, Dave Hickey, Robin Middleton, Ivan Saleff, Frederic Schwartz, Henry Smith-Miller, Denise Scott Brown, George Thomas, Carolina Vaccaro, Robert Venturi, Enrique Walker

Additional Cinematography

Todd Sheridan, Katja Choutova

Video Equipment Rental
BVR, New York

Thank You 
William Bowen, Adele Chatfield-Taylor, Steve Delong, Karen Fairbanks, Judy Glass, Mary McGee, Whitney Smith, Michel and Hiroko Swornik, Rebecca Tekula

Danielle Aubert - Design
Cristhian Alcantara - Programming